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Help us make this film

Thanks for making it this far! So as I'm sure you know, it takes a lot of hard work and money to make a film, and as much as I'd like to say we've got the "hard work" covered, we're missing quite a bit of the "money" side of things.

To be exact, we need £32,254.54 to make this film happen. 

But that's where YOU come in!

Below you'll find a bunch of perks you can get your hands on; from posters to scripts, to simply just getting your eyes on the film before anyone else! We also have some bigger perks, like becoming an 'Associate Producer' or getting to attend our 'Cast & Crew' screening and feeling like you're part of the team (no matter what perk you get, you ARE part of the team).

Right, I'm gonna leave you to browse now, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch <3


Please be aware that any '£££' button below will take you to your PayPal account.

This is the only way to grab a perk. Just add the amount and make sure to write what it's for before paying.

Please also make sure to click 'Family & Friends' if possible, that way PayPal won't take any fees.

The email to use is

We decided to go with PayPal as it's a lot safer for the buyer.


 Phoar! That was a lot. Now back to it!

Huge Thank You!

Watch it early.png

Watch the Film Early

Signed A3 Poster

Signed Script


You'll get this amazing physical "Yearbook" filled with behind the scenes pictures!

Behind the Scenes Yearbook

Watch Film Early + Signed A3 Poster

Duo perks 2.png

Watch Film Early + Signed Script

Watch Film Early + Behind the Scenes Yearbook

Get your name in the credits!

(PERKS: Watch the film early + get your name in the 'Thank You' section of the credits)

Masterclass with Director OR Cinematographer

(PERKS: You'll get a 2 hour zoom with either the Director or the Cinematographer (your choice!) to chat all things 'Filmmaking')

Cast and Crew Screening 2.png

Attend our Cast & Crew Screening

(PERKS: Signed script + attend our Cast & Crew screening)

Appear in the film.png

Be in the film!

(PERKS: Appear in the film, whether that's as an extra or as a brand. You could even be in a photo in the background!)


Become an Associate Producer

(PERKS: Watch the film early + signed A3 poster + signed script + BTS Yearbook + will get an on screen credit in our end credits)

Perks you'll get:

Become an Executive Producer

(PERKS: Watch the film early + signed A3 poster + signed script + BTS Yearbook + attend our Cast & Crew Screening + will get an on screen credit at the beginning of our end credits)


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