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"While Time is Away"

Anthony Hett
Writer: Miriam Jarvis
Producers: Miriam Jarvis & Kate Shelley
Year: 2022

Two estranged friends reunite and try to rekindle their once great friendship but their grief and guilt following the death of their childhood friend causes the reunion to be more difficult.


"Blueberry Pancakes & Blank Pages"

Meg Elys

Writer: Jennifer James
Producers: Brent N. Hunter, Bollie Lee Jarratt Jr., Brian May, Jason Payne-James, Lucy Percival, Matthew J. Schroeder, James Seyer

Year: 2022

After her first big break in the film industry, Carly battles between her struggles of being productive and her anxieties of not living up to the demands that Hollywood puts on her to deliver her next big film.


"Wild Boars"

Nathan Hannawin

Writer: Antony Buonomo
Producers: Lucas A. Ferrara, Bailey Fear, Nathan Hannawin,
Neil Ratna, Anna Sabino

Year: 2022

WILD BOARS is a story about confronting everything you hate from your past, for the sake of the future of someone you love. After the death of her estranged mother, Nora knows that she has been left something in the will, something that could ensure the future for Nora, and her daughter Arabella. But to claim that future, Nora is forced to go back and face Artemis, her foster father, the man she ran away from, and the man who harbours many dark secrets - Taking Arabella with her for moral support, Nora travels to the scene of her past trauma for the sake of her daughter's future, and with the faint hope of discovering the fate of the only other person she loves.

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