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"Portrait of Remorse"

Alina Bichieva

Writer: Lora Markova
Producers: Maria Shevtsova
Year: 2023


The Paradise Road - poster.jpeg

"The Paradise Road"

Lisa Marie Tedesco

Writer: Lisa Marie Tedesco
Producers: Humberto Castillo, Shelly Ro, Lisa Marie Tedesco
Year: 2023

Synopsis: Having just gotten married to the woman of her dreams, Ellie takes Shae on a romantic excursion to the west coast seaside for a moment of happiness and seclusion before inevitably coming to terms with a life-altering decision.



Ella Greenwood

Writer: Toto Bruin
Producers: Lucas A. Ferrara, Ella Greenwood, Maya Bartley O'Dea
Year: 2023

Synopsis: As New Year's Eve festivities are underway on the floor above them, Allie and Erin have a chance encounter down below. But when Allie recognises Erin from over a decade ago, the past breaks the surface, and fireworks ensue.

Witches - A3 poster.jpg

Synopsis: ‘Witches’ Annie, Sally and Geraldine struggle to stick to their strict, self-imposed rules to shun men. When one witch admits to straying from the coven things escalate and the leader of the cult is burned alive at a penis stake.

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